Kyoto Animation Will Not Finish Its Olympics Anime

Kyoto Animation has had a rough time recently, recently recovering from the arson incident that befell it last year, and has sadly reported that the recent anime short that they were producing for the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Games wouldn't be completed. Though the legendary animation studio has made strides since being dealt such a tragic blow in 2019, releasing some projects that were otherwise thought to have been unable to be completed, it seems that this is just an area that won't be able to be finished.

The Summer Olympics themselves are still somewhat in the air, with them being either postponed or canceled completely due to the spread of the Corona Virus through Japan and the world. The Paralympics will begin in August of this year, featuring athletes with disabilities testing their skills in Tokyo for a number of days across several different sporting events. The original date of the short's premiere was August of last year, but unfortunately, the arson incident took place in July of that year. With 8 shorts currently available, it's a shame that Kyoto won't be able to contribute with the entries that are currently available.

Kyoto Animation Studio, which originally started in 1981, has become known worldwide for its work on creating popular anime television series such as K-On!, Free!, Full Metal Panic, and more. It has also created a number of animated films such as A Silent Voice, K-On! The Movie, and Free! Take Your Marks to name a few. Noted as the "first successful animation studio outside of Tokyo," Kyoto Animation has a long history within the industry and we hope that its history will continue into the future. Founded by Yoko Hatta and Hideaki Hatta, the company proceeded to become an LLC in 1985 and then a corporation years later in 1999. One of the studio's apparent strengths according to experts was its "sensitivity to the wonders and quandaries of every day life."

Though a number of different projects have taken serious hits for Kyoto in the recent past, it's clear that the animation house is looking to get back to where it once was, releasing a steady stream of anime projects through television series, shorts, and feature length films.

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Via Crunchyroll