Viral Avatar Artwork Imagines Real-life Take on Korra's Cast

The Legend of Korra might not be as highly regarded as its animated predecessor in Avatar The Last Airbender, but that hasn't stopped the series from being a fan favorite among fans, especially with the sequel landing on the streaming service of Netflix as fans have attempted to give thier own take on what Korra and company would look like in the real world. With Netflix seeking to bring to life a live action interpretation of Aang and his bending buddies, fans are left wondering if the sequel series will one day get a treatment of its own!

Korra took place decades following the conclusion of Avatar The Last Airbender, introducing fans to a brand new world that placed focus on the development of technology and the incorporation of bending far more into the daily lives of the citizens of the world. With Korra being the reincarnation of Aang following his death, the new Avatar had completely different challenges to overcome as the Fire Nation was no longer knocking down doors in order to rule the world, but rather, a new threat was emerging that was attempting to do away with benders all together. Over the course of four seasons, we learned more about Korra and her friends and understood that though this story was different from Last Airbender, it was certainly a welcome addition.

Reddit User River Follower 712 shared these head shots that do their best at translating Korra and her fellow characters that find themselves facing down a number of different threats over the four seasons of the sequel series that was drastically different from the original journey of the "Aang Gang":

Tried to compose realistic portraits of Team Korra using Artbreeder from r/TheLastAirbender

The Legend of Korra might not be returning to the world of animation, or television in general, any time soon, but it has continued with a number of graphic novel stories that expanded the world following the conclusion of the series finale. Korra, who ended her journey by venturing into the spirit world with Asami, was shown beginning a new relationship, which was then expanded upon in the graphic novel series. We're crossing our fingers that Korra and company will one day get a live action television series of their own!


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