The Legend of Korra Shines in This Impressive Live-Action Teaser

The Legend of Korra has been on the minds of many this year thanks to its cultural comeback. Its move to Netflix brought millions of eyes to the show, and fans around the world were sucked back into the series' charm. Of course, that means the fandom at large has been theorizing new ways to bring Korra back into the spotlight, and one group did that with a stunning live-action adaptation of the Nickelodeon hit.

Over on Twitter, the production crew Re:Anime decided it was time to tackle The Legend of Korra. The group posted a teaser earlier today that shows its vision for the series. You can check out the video above and decide whether you think this take on Korra does the Avatar justice.

legend of korra

As you can see, the video begins easily enough with a woman playing Korra. The costume looks spot-on to the one found in the show, and its handmade touches make it all the more authentic. The actress Katrina Rosita even has her hair styled after Korra, so we give this look two thumbs up.

The teaser continues with Korra going through her training mantra, and that pushes her to bend all of the elements. She begins by pulling water from the air before freezing it into a barrier of sorts. She moves to fire before pulling earth from the ground. Finally, she works with air despite Korra's trouble with the element, so fans can see how Korra would work in a live-action space.

Clearly, this adaptation feels more natural than the one Hollywood did years ago, and fans are thrilled with how authentic it feels. In fact, many netizens say they hope Netflix's live-action plans follows in line with this teaser, so the company might want to hit up Re:Anime for a consultation on Avatar: The Last Airbender ASAP.


What do you think of this live-action teaser? Does it do The Legend of Korra justice or...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.