Little Witch Academia's Team Originally Planned a Second Season

It has been some time since Little Witch Academia premiered, and it sounds like more could have been on the way at one pint. During a recent interview, the director of the anime confirmed a second season was planned for the Trigger series. Unfortunately, those original plans were doused after a period of inaction, and that time-lapse is what led Brand-New Animal (BNA) to be made.

It turns out Yoh Yoshinari wanted Little Witch Academia to go on for a second season (via Frog-kun). The first came in at 25 episodes well after the anime premiered with a feature film. The adorable show gained its own legion of fans, so you can understand why a second season was planned at the start. But as work continued at Trigger, Yoshinori and his crew drifted apart to start new projects.

While the loss of Little Witch Academia season two is sad for fans, it did give Trigger the time to work on BNA. That is why the critical darling has made its debut. And while the second season has not happened yet, there is a chance Yoshinori and the team could return to the magical girl series.

For those who have yet to check it out, you can watch Little Witch Academia over on Netflix. You can read the show's official synopsis below if you want to see whether the anime suits your taste:


"Spirited young girl Akko Kagari takes inspiration from her idol, the magician Shiny Chariot, and enrolls in the Luna Nova Academy for witches, where she must rely on her new friends and her positive attitude to overcome difficult odds."

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