BNA: Brand New Animal Reveals U.S. Netflix Release Date

With the anime series of Beastars leaving a positive impression on anime fans, and fans of Netflix in general, the streaming service is looking to make another splash in the world of anthropomorphic anime characters as the series of BNA: Brand New Animal has gotten a North America release date. The series, which follows a "brand new animal" in the form of the young girl Michiru as she finds her bestial side reaching the surface, introduces audiences to a secret world of "Beastmen" that has been separated from the world of man and is in serious need of protection!

The major difference between this series and Beastars is that BNA isn't entirely filled with anthropomorphic characters, but rather has an element that are attempting to live regular lives outside of the world of man. The "Beastmen" themselves exist in a city and the protagonist of Michiro finds herself struggling with her new bestial side that emerges as a tanuki. Along the way of the series, Mirichu is sent to Anima City and becomes partners with Shirou, a wolf who acts as the protector of the city!

Netflix revealed the arrival date for Brand New Animal on their Official Twitter Account, with the seres hitting the streaming service on June 30th of this year:

The Official Description for BNA: Brand New Animal reads as such:


"Throughout history, humans have been at odds with Beastmen—a species capable of changing shape due to their genetic "Beast Factor." Because of this conflict, Beastmen have been forced into hiding. Anima City serves as a safe haven for these oppressed individuals to live free from human interference. During a festival celebrating the town's 10th anniversary, Michiru Kagemori, a human who suddenly turned into a tanuki, finds that Anima City is a far cry from paradise. After witnessing an explosion in the square, she is confronted by Shirou Ogami, a seemingly indestructible wolf and sworn protector of all Beastmen. As they pursue the criminals behind the bombing, the two discover that Michiru is anything but an ordinary Beastman, and look to investigate her mysterious past and uncanny abilities. Could she turn out to be the missing link between Humans and Beastmen?"

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