My Hero Academia Season 6 Honors Crust's Sacrifice With MVP Award

My Hero Academia has been getting very intense with each new episode of the anime's sixth season so far, and the newest episode has crowned the pro hero Crust the MVP following his big save! The series has kicked off a huge war between the heroes and villains with its sixth season thus far, and with it has seen many of the pro heroes get into the spotlight that we have not seen in action yet. This includes more of the roster of the top ten heroes such as Mirko and Crust, who led the first major attack against the doctor and his secret laboratory.

Crust was a part of the initial wave of heroes that broke through to Dr. Garaki's underground laboratory in an attempt to keep Tomura Shigaraki from awakening to a new level of power, but unfortunately as he and the other heroes soon discovered, they were still too late. Shigaraki woke up with a devastating new use of his Decay and with it quickly killed a huge number of heroes. Among them included Crust as he saved Aizawa from suffering the same dark fate. Because of this, My Hero Academia has named him an MVP: 

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The heroes quickly discovered that their attempts to keep Shigaraki from waking up were in vain as a huge wave of decay begins destroying not only the hospital around them, but everyone in the area too. As Aizawa and the other heroes were trying to escape, one of the High-Ends had grabbed onto his leg and was going to pull him down into the decay. Soon enough, Crust's shields come in to sever the High-End's arm to save Aizawa from death. 

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Unfortunately, it was revealed to be too late for Crust himself as he uses his final moments to give a thumbs up and smile to Aizawa as it was revealed that he had been hit by the decay not long before it either. Knowing that he had no time left, he used his very last moments for one final bit of heroism and that is definitely deserving of an MVP award for the episode itself. 

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