My Hero Academia Massacre Leaves One of Its Top Heroes Dead

My Hero Academia promised it would go big with its sixth season, and the anime has lived up to its word. Since its debut in early October, Class 1-A and our favorite heroes have been on offense. The group was certain it had the upper hand on All For One's legacy as Shigaraki became cornered. But this week, the villain's return ended in a massacre that left one of Japan's top heroes dead.

The whole thing came to light this weekend as My Hero Academia rolled out a new episode. It was there fans watched as the lead our heroes once had fallen to pieces. After Shigaraki woke up, audiences could only watch in horror as his quirk grew stronger, and he was able to decay an entire city from an epicenter. It goes without saying many died in this attack, but the biggest loss came from Crust.

The Death Toll Rises

If you will remember, Crust was introduced well before season six got underway. The hero was shown during the Pro Hero Ranking Ceremony as Crust landed in sixth place. The older man was described as a classic hero who used his Shield quirk to save others. And when Aizawa was in the line of fire, Crust scarified his life to save the homeroom teacher of Class 1-A.

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As you can imagine, Aizawa was blindsided by the death, and Crust was just one of several killed by Shigaraki. All of the pros near the villain were killed instantly, and any left on the ground were decayed as well. Pros who could take to the air were safe, but Shigaraki's bolstered quirk led to the deaths of dozens if not hundreds offscreen. And now, there is no doubt his focus is about to turn to Izuku Midoriya.

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