My Hero Academia Teases New Detail About OFA and Its Predecessors

My Hero Academia Chapter 303 has dropped an important new detail about One For All and its predecessors. As the fallout continues from the war between the Pro Heroes and the villains' Paranormal Liberation Front army, Izuku Midoriya is still lying comatose in a hospital bed, with no real explanation why. However, the end of the latest My Hero Academia chapter sees All Might finally step into the picture once again, and along with him come to some new hints about what's going on with Izuku, how All Might is connected, and why this may turn out to be important foreshadow.

Warning: My Hero Academia Chapter 303 SPOILERS Follow!

My Hero Academia Chapter 303 sees the top three heroes (Endeavor, Hawks, Best Jeanist) beginning to regroup after the war to get the Pro Hero system (and the society it protects) back on its feet. However, one of the lingering questions from the war was what was Tomura Shigaraki chasing so obsessively on the battlefield. When the danger was at its highest after Shigaraki's awakening from his power boost, Izuku was forced to at least allude to Endeavor that Shigaraki was after him - as well as the fact that "One For All" was the prize Shigaraki sought.

Now that the cat is starting to spill out of the bag, Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeaninst are starting to peer a little deeper. When Endeavor puts it together that Deku and One For All are connected, Hawks and Jeanist demand to see the boy and question him about what OFA actually is. However, before they can get in the room, they're informed that All Might is in with Izuku, and wants total privacy. It's inside the room, where All Might's interior monologue reveals what's going on with Izuku Midoriya:

"I feel it..." All Might says. "The version of me dwelling inside the boy... Inside One For All... Right now you must be talking with the predecessors."

My Hero Academia 303 Spoilers All Might OFA Powers Connection
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

So there you have it: All For One's predecessors all have part of their consciousness immersed in the power - whether they are alive or dead. We knew the latter part, as Izuku Midoriya has been to the strange OFA realm several key times throughout the series. The consciousnesses of all the previous OFA users (including the original brother of All For One), have all made themselves known to Deku and endowed him with new levels of power; finding out that part of All Might is also in there is very interesting.


My Hero Academia has been slowly but surely explaining more of the mysteries of One For All - but the question, to what end? This detail about there being a version of All Might living inside Izuku seems like ominous foreshadowing - the kind that establishes that All Might will still have "life" of sorts after the death of his physical body.

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