My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Teases Izuku's Latest One For All Meeting

My Hero Academia's newest chapter is teasing Izuku Midoriya's next One For All meeting with its [...]

My Hero Academia's newest chapter is teasing Izuku Midoriya's next One For All meeting with its big cliffhanger. My Hero Academia's newest chapters have begun exploring the fallout of the massive war between the heroes and villains, and Izuku Midoriya is probably one of the most damaged following the fight. At the same time, the fight also seemed to give him some major boosts in power as his One For All abilities clashed with Tomura Shigaraki's, and the push and pull of their two massive quirks caused the both of them to rapidly progress in a short time.

Subsequent chapters had shown how much Shigaraki's All For One had advanced within his body, but it seems that the newest chapter of the series is setting up even more of an exploration as to how Izuku is changing as well. Chapter 303 of the series ends on a cliffhanger promising a look into Izuku's next level One For All meeting with more of the past vestiges.

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During the fight against Shigaraki, Izuku Midoriya quickly unlocked two more of the quirk powers held within One For All. While he had graced the Float ability before, the fight had pushed him to the point where he was now able to call upon it at will without much problem. Then he unlocked a brand new quirk, Danger Sense, as the fight wore on. There was a brief look into the One For All void that revealed that Izuku can now fully see Float's owner, Nana Shimura.

With this next One For All meeting, it's possible that he'll meet the owner of the Danger Sense quirk as well. Izuku's been completely bed ridden following the fight as he was on the verge of death and arguably the most injured out of all the young heroes involved. All Might is at his bedside as the chapter comes to an end, and he can feel the version of himself within One For All gathering for a new meeting with Izuku at this time.

Each time Izuku has had one of these meetings we have learned some crucial secrets behind One For All's origins and what that growing power means for the future, so the hope is that with this next one we'll get yet another crucial piece of the puzzle. But what do you think of this cliffhanger?

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