My Hero Academia Cosplay Spotlights Froppy Ahead of Season 6

My Hero Academia is on the horizon with its new season, and that has put everyone's focus back on Class 1-A. Izuku Midoriya is leading the group as always, and the rest of his class is about to head to the battlefield. After all, a raid is about to go down on the League with its expanded forces. And ahead of its debut, Froppy is moving into the spotlight thanks to an impressive cosplay.

As you can see below, the work comes from ashlilyrose_ over on Instagram. The fan, who has cosplayed a number of anime icons, felt it was time to bring Froppy out for a headshot. This all comes just weeks before My Hero Academia returns with season six, and fans are expecting big things from Froppy this year.

After all, the character has become one of the leading ladies in Class 1-A. Ochaco and Momo have led the charge for some time, but Froppy made impressive gains during Overhaul's arc. Their study under Ryukyu has turned the froggy girl into a promising hero. And sadly, it seems the pros are going to need Tsuyu's support once season six gets underway.

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The anime is slated to adapt one of the manga's most intense arcs when it turns. War is on the horizon now that our pro heroes are in a position to raid Shigaraki's crew. There is no way the villains will go down without a fight, of course. And as manga readers know, the pro heroes will meet more resistance than expected once their ambush gets going.

If you like this fan's take on Tsuyu, you can check out more of their work online. The Instagram for ashlilyrose_ can be found here.

What do you think about this fan's take on Froppy? Are you excited for the character to return in My Hero Academia season six? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.