My Hero Academia Star Pitches Tom Holland to Play Izuku in Live-Action Film

My Hero Academia has shot above the expectations of fans and then some. The series stands as one [...]

My Hero Academia has shot above the expectations of fans and then some. The series stands as one of the biggest in Japan, and it has made a name for itself worldwide. Thanks to Izuku Midoriya, the World of Pro Heroes has never been easier to tap into, and fans have long wondered who could bring the hero to the big screen in real life. And thanks to a recent interview, the voice of Izuku has shared his thoughts on Marvel's Tom Holland tackling the role.

Recently, Justin Briner showed up at the premiere of My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising in Los Angeles. It was there Nerdist spoke with the actor, and he gave his pitch for Holland to play Izuku should My Hero Academia's live-action plans ever pan out.

"Actually, let's go with Tom Holland, right," Briner started.

"Spider-Man, it is super close! They've both got that awkward energy, [and] we both kind of sound similar. So I think it'd be great!"

Of course, Briner is not alone in this pitch. For some time now, fans have said they believe Holland would suit the role rather well, but his tenure as Spider-Man would make things difficult. Not only are their surely rules against Holland tackling such a similar role, but there is no doubt Marvel and Sony Pictures are going to keep the boy busy.

Of course, there are other suggestions out there. Talent like Jack Dylan Grazer and Forrest Wheeler have been thrown out as options by fans. But if Holland is up for the gig, we're sure My Hero Academia could find a place for the Spider-Man star. Of course, there is little need to worry about finding a spot-on cast for an adaptation. It was announced some time ago that My Hero Academia has been optioned for a live-action adaptation, but the project hasn't updated fans since. There's no doubt the movie is on the burner, so netizens can take time finishing up their fan-casts.

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