My Hero Academia Season 5 Sets Up a Historic One For All Reveal

When it comes to One For All, fans have watched the quirk expand in ways they never expected. Over the years, the power went from being a blessing to an obligation as more was revealed about All For One. Nowadays, My Hero Academia is beginning to explore that shift in the anime, and it did so by dropping a curious revelation about One For All.

The update came at the end of My Hero Academia episode 90, and it caught up with Izuku as we expected. The boy was followed up on after the season four cliffhanger saw him unite with One For All in a dream. Izuku went on to watch the quirk's originator face down his brother All For One during his prime, and it gave fans an idea of how dangerous the villain really is.


By the dream's end, One For All has shown Izuku How their shared quirk came to be, and things shift when the older man speaks to Izuku directly. The only thing One For All can do is assure the boy he isn't alone, and Izuku is thrust back into consciousness with ease.

Clearly, this dream is a signal of things to come in My Hero Academia, and One For All wanted to do more with Izuku. The older man admits the boy isn't quite strong enough to handle a full chat about the past, and that is why One For All made Izuku wake up. Now, fans have been assured the green-haired boy is living with at least one predecessor tucked away in his mind, and it seems the pair will reunite before too much longer.

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