My Hero Academia Confirms Season Five With Finale Stinger

My Hero Academia has ended its fourth season with a bang, pitting Endeavor and Hawks against the "High End Nomu" with the finale of this fight leading right into a confirmation of the fifth season of the anime. With Season Four taking anime fans through the story arcs of Overhaul, The Cultural Festival, and now the Pro Hero Arc, it's clear that the latest season of My Hero Academia did an amazing job of blending character development with some high octane battles. Along with the brief stinger at the end of the episode, My Hero Academia also released a video to tease the next season.

The final episode of Season Four gave us one of the biggest fights within the franchise's history, as Endeavor attempted to become the new Symbol of Peace by releasing the full force of his Quirk against the League of Villains' newest creation, the "High End" Nomu. The new biological nightmare is definitely the strongest version of the type of creature we've seen so far, easily going toe to toe with Endeavor as the new number one hero notes that the monster far surpasses him in terms of speed and strength. Though Endeavor is easily one of the strongest heroes in the world today, he is in dire straits against the Nomu.

Even with Endeavor and Hawks working in unison, they are barely able to take down the Nomu, with the flame based hero decimating the nightmare by propelling him into the stratosphere and releasing the full force of his white hot powers. During the battle, Endeavor receives a terrible scar across his face but still pulls off a victory as he mimics the move that All Might pulled after defeating All For One, beginning a new era for the franchise of My Hero Academia.


With the Nomu battle finished, the post credits stinger doesn't only confirm the next season, but also shows us that something mysterious is happening to Midoriya. While fans of the manga will know what's going on with the heir apparent to All Might, anime viewers will have to wait until the next season to learn more! Though you definitely have a better understanding from seeing Deku encountering the past wielders of the One For All Quirk and its origins.

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