My Hero Academia Artist Reveals Scrapped Poster of Shoto Todoroki

My Hero Academia's creator, Kohei Horikoshi, has been busy not just with the manga for his hit Shonen franchise, but also with the Drawing Smash Art Exhibit that is currently opened in Japan, and now, the mangaka has shared a "scrapped" poster of the "Fire Ice Hero" known as Shoto Todoroki. Aside from struggling to master his Quirk that grants him mastery of both hot and cold elements, Shoto has been dealing with his past being raised by the number one hero Endeavor, who put his son through horrific training in order to make him the next great hero.

Currently, in the anime, we have yet to see Shoto participate in the Joint Training Exercise Arc, but he will be paired with the likes of Tailman, Tentacole, and Ingenium, battling against the 1-B students known as Rocketti, Mudman, Spiral and Real Steel. Though 1-A has one victory under their belts so far, the war is far from over and it's clear that all the UA Academy favorites are going to have to give it their all when it comes to this insane battle royale. Though Shoto is easily one of the most powerful students, he still has an uphill battle ahead of him.

Twitter User Aitai Ki Mochi shared this scrapped poster for Jump Giga 2021 that gave us a fresh look at Shoto Todoroki showing off his mastery of both fire and ice which has made him such an asset to the other students of Class 1-A:

While Todoroki has a big battle against 1-B coming up, he will get the spotlight later this season during the "Endeavor Agency Arc" that will see him, Midoriya, and Bakugo joining a work-study under the current number one hero. With there being plenty of bad blood between Todoroki and his father, there will be plenty of tense moments in the upcoming episodes.


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