My Hero Academia Update May Signal an Upcoming Manga Break

My Hero Academia is one of the hottest manga in Shonen Jump, and it has Kohei Horikoshi to thank. The creator has delved into one of the highest-risk arcs of the manga to date, and it has put pro heroes everywhere in danger. And as it turns out, it seems the next chapter of the saga may not come out next week.

The new schedule popped up online through the Manga Plus, the official online library from Shueisha. It was there the page for My Hero Academia said chapter 278 is expected to go live on July 19 rather than July 12.

Currently, there is no word on whether the print manga was mistaken with its information about chapter 278; The end of chapter 277 said a new chapter would be coming in a week, but that doesn't seem to be the case. If this break was planned in advance, there is little chance the manga would have messed up the note, so it appears like this break might have been made last minute.

Of course, fans are a bit disappointed by the news, but they understand that Horikoshi needs as much time as he wants on these latest chapters of My Hero Academia. The ongoing arc is pivotal to the series as it has revealed a major turning point for society as well as Shigaraki. Its most recent terrorist attack on Jaku City has shown villains are more powerful than ever despite the abundance of pro heroes running around.

And as for Shigaraki? Well, if you have read the manga, then you know the boy has become powerful then most any hero. After being given All For One, Shigaraki has gained the ability to decay entire cities, so it goes without saying that Izuku has a lot on his plate right now.


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