My Hero Academia Highlights Mirko with New Class 1-A Sketch

Although she has not been seen much in My Hero Academia as a whole, you would think differently considering how often series creator Kohei Horikoshi highlights the fan favorite pro hero through personal sketches shared with fans. Not only has the creator celebrated her new rise to prominence with the latest arc of the series with a particularly saucy sketch of the pro hero, but the creator also used her big anime debut as an opportunity to show the fan favorite even more love through fun sketches. Now Horikoshi has taken another opportunity for more Mirko!

With the release of My Hero Academia Volume 27 in Japan, which prominently features Mirko's first real jump into action in the series, Horikoshi has celebrated not only its initial cover reveal with a new sketch of the Rabbit Hero, but has taken to Twitter to share one of the oddest sketches of the pro yet with the official launch of the volume. There are some hilarious off-model doodles of Class 1-A's students too for good measure! You can find the sketch below!

Although it has yet to be confirmed just how much Horikoshi loves the character, it's been clear to fans that the My Hero Academia creator has been excited to inject her energy into the manga officially. After being introduced briefly during the Pro Hero arc a few years ago, Mirko has been sitting on the sidelines right until the current war between heroes and villains in the manga.

It's been a serendipitous time for fans of Mirko as well as the pro made her big entrance in both the manga and anime at relatively the same time. So fans waiting for years to see more of this pro hero in particular, it's been a great year to be a fan of the series. This excitement has definitely been stemming from Horikoshi too, who has made sure to make the most out of this new Mirko showcase.

What did you think of the Rabbit Hero Mirko when she first made her debut in My Hero Academia? Excited to see more of her in action in the anime someday? What do you think her fate in the manga's current arc is going to be? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!