My Hero Academia Official Shoes On The Way From K Swiss

My Hero Academia has had its fair share of merchandise in the past, but today at Funimation Con 2020, the franchise announced a partnership with the shoe makers at K Swiss to release new attire using the aesthetics of Midoriya and All Might to create some new kicks. With My Hero Academia easily becoming one of the most popular anime Shonen series in the world today, it's no surprise to see that some big companies are looking to get in on the action and create apparel that reflects the hard hitting world of UA Academy and the students of Class 1-A.

Kicking has actually become a big part of Midoriya's life in the latest adventures of the hero's time in My Hero Academia, figuring out that the best way to harness the power of the Quirk of One For All was through his legs. Developing a new power set he dubbed the "Shoot Style", Deku has been using his all powerful kicks to battle against some terrifying villains such as Overhaul, and some lesser villains such as Gentle Criminal and La Brava. With the manga currently following the life or death battle of the Paranormal Liberation War arc, Midoriya is definitely using the Quirk given to him by All Might to its full effect!

Funimation announced the partnership with K Swiss via their Official Twitter Account as a part of FunimationCon 2020, sharing with fans that sneakers created in the style of Midoriya and All Might would be hitting retailers in the winter of this year, December 2020:

Following the finale of the fourth season of the anime, My Hero Academia's fifth season was confirmed almost immediately after, hinting that Midoriya's powers will be further explored as he ventured inside of his own head via an unsettling dream. Though a release date has yet to be confirmed for the next adventures of Class 1-A within UA Academy, we would imagine that it will only be a matter of time.

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