My Hero Academia Cosplay Lights Dabi Up With Bodypaint

The mysterious League of Villains' member known as Dabi appeared briefly in the opening episodes [...]

The mysterious League of Villains' member known as Dabi appeared briefly in the opening episodes of My Hero Academia's fifth season, attempting to eliminate both the number one and number two heroes in Endeavor and Hawks, and while he was ultimately defeated, one cosplay has decided to honor the antagonist with some stellar and ingenious Cosplay. With the manga already diving deep into the background of Dabi and how his origins affect the world of heroes as a whole, it's no surprise that the blue flame-wielding villain has become one of the most popular in the Shonen series.

The current season of the anime might be focusing on the Joint Training Exercise Arc, which sees Class 1-A struggling against their rivals in 1-B in a "friendly" series of battles, but the "My Villain Academia" arc that comes next following this story's conclusion is one of the darkest that the franchise has seen to date. The storyline will place Shigaraki and his clan against a new threat that exists outside of the world of heroes, while also taking the opportunity to dive into the origins of so many of the League of Villains, making a serious departure for the franchise.

Instagram Cosplayer Sofia Black Thorn shared this amazing Cosplay that depicts the villainous Dabi in a brand new light, right before we see more of the villain in the upcoming "My Villain Academia" arc which will begin following the conclusion of the Joint Training Exercise:

The battle between the heroes and villains will come to a head in the upcoming War Arc, which has already ended in the pages of My Hero Academia's manga but don't expect to see this storyline play out in this current season. Most likely, this will be the main focus of season six of the Shonen series and is sure to throw plenty of anime fans for a loop when it eventually makes landfall.

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