My Hero Academia Reveals the Damage Dabi's Confession Has Done to Society

My Hero Academia hit the pro hero world (and subsequently fans) over the head, hard, with the [...]

My Hero Academia hit the pro hero world (and subsequently fans) over the head, hard, with the reveal of Dabi's true name and origin. (Major Spoilers) Dabi revealed that he is indeed no. 1 hero Endeavor's eldest son, Toya Todoroki who supposedly died in a fire long ago. Dabi inflicted the one-two punch of revealing his identity to his father and little brother Shoto on the battlefield between the heroes and League of Villains - while also revealing the truth in a simultaneous nation-wide broadcast. My Hero Academia chapter 291 reveals just how Dabi's reveal may be a more crippling attack on the hero world than the villains' big war ever could be!

Warning My Hero Academia Chapter 291 SPOILERS Follow!

The reveal we got in My Hero Academia chapter 290 was just the beginning of Dabi's scheme. In chapter 291 his confession to Endeavor and Shoto gets a lot deeper and more twisted, as Enji/Endeavor remembers his happy time raising his first son to be the successor to All Might that would bring high honor to the Todoroki name. Enji won't believe that his son has become a monster, to the point of being paralyzed and nearly annihilated by Dabi.

At the same time that Endeavor is stumbling, Dabi is also breaking the rest of the Todoroki family (his mother, sister, and other younger brother), as they watch video of Dabi revealing a DNA test in his video confession.

My Hero Academia Dabi Confession to Society Manga 291 Spoilers
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If that all isn't enough, Dabi uses Skeptic, his new teammate in the Paranormal Liberation Front villain army, to break public confidence in hero society. Dabi and/or Skeptic captured footage of the hero/villain war in realtime - including the pivotal moment where hero spy Hawks turned on his unlikely villain friend Twice and murdered him in cold blood, to stop the villains' living doomsday weapon from going off. Dabi uses Hawks' story of infiltrating the PLF to show how duplicitous and self-serving heroes really are - especially when it comes to the reveal that Hawks killed Best Jeanist in order to prove his loyalty to the villains. He also reveals that Hawks is the son of a mysterious evildoer, once again showing how far from "pure" or "ideal" heroes actually are.

Dabi's larger confession and mind-screw to society is enough to break the public's faith in pro heroes. That even includes the famous "Can'tcha See" Kid that helped All Might rekindle public faith in heroes at the Battl of Kamino. The thoughts that the no. 2 hero is an unscrupulous killer, and the no. 1 hero is an abusive father that created a monster villain, are just too much to doubt for pro heroes to ever be trusted again.

Where will the world of My Hero Academia and Dabi's role as its Joker-type villain go from here? We're eager to see!

My Hero Academia is in production on season 5 of the anime. Online chapters of the manga can be found HERE.