My Hero Academia Cosplay Unleashes Fire And Ice With Fem Todoroki

While there are certainly a number of fan favorites within the roster of UA Academy's top collection of students in Class 1-A, perhaps none have struck a chord among the fan base more than Todoroki, the son of top hero Endeavor that has the power of fire and ice at his disposal and one fan has given the hero a perfect makeover. With his mastery of hot and cold temperatures, Todoroki quickly became a powerhouse within Class 1-A, and the latest story line in the franchise's manga, the Paranormal Liberation War, is definitely putting his power to the test.

Todoroki's relationship with his father has been tricky to say the least, with Endeavor attempting to make him the strongest rising hero by any means necessary. Putting him through insane levels of training, and an insane level of neglect to match, Todoroki originally found himself unwilling to access the power of flame so as to completely avoid being anything like his father. While battling Midoriya during the UA Sports Festival, Todoroki came to the realization that he could access the entirety of his powers in his quest to become a hero, ultimately winning the fight against Deku!

Instagram Cosplayer Kazuko Cosplay shred her fantastic take on one of the most powerful students at UA Academy, capturing the aesthetic of the young hero that is trying his best to achieve his own legacy outside of his father's shadow:

In the current manga story line, Todoroki has mostly been relegated to "crowd control", using his abilities to save civilians and help stop the advancement of Shigaraki's insane decaying ability. We would imagine that before the battle is done, Todoroki will be coming into contact with Dabi, the mysterious villain who many believe to be his brother. With Dabi nearly killing the number two hero in Hawks following the demise of Twice, this is sure to be one of the biggest fights that the franchise has ever seen.

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