'My Hero Academia' May Have Dropped A Hint About Todoroki's Brother

When it comes to My Hero Academia, fans have a lot of questions which have yet to be answered. There are still a whole host of mysteries surrounding One For All and its origins — and that is just the start of things. Fans have lots of questions about each hero-in-training at UA Academy, but one query about Todoroki Shoto just won’t go away.

So, you can thank the anime’s new collaboration with Avengers: Infinity War for making fans bring up the question of Todoroki’s brothers again.

Recently, Marvel Studios confirmed it was teaming up with My Hero Academia for a promotional campaign in Japan. The partnership led the anime to release special trailers where each of its top heroes did a report on their corresponding Avenger, and Todoroki’s might have been more telling than fans thought.

The clip, which can be seen above, shows Todoroki give a speech about Thor. The hero went over what made him similar to the Asgardian, nodding to the Marvel hero’s pride and all-powerful dad. As Todoroki continued, he talked about how Thor redeemed himself to become a fully fledged hero, but his following comment about Loki made fans pause.

“By the way, Thor has a younger brother named Loki, who’s incredibly mischievous,” Todoroki says. “He also is a doer of evil and gets into fights wth Thor frequently. Their fights also sometimes endanger the world as well.”


The side note struck fans as strange since Todoroki has yet to introduce any of his brothers. Audiences have met his older sister, but his comment on a villainous older brother has resurrected big questions about whether the hero-in-training is related to Dabi. The anime fandom has long questioned whether the League of Villains recruit is tied to the Todoroki clan due to his looks and fiery Quirk. He certainly fits the baddie bill presented by Izuku’s friend in this special trailer, so it is no surprise to see a bunch of new conspiracy theories about their rumored connection pop up.

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