DC Comics Artist Draws Official My Hero Academia Cover

My Hero Academia is easily the biggest Shonen series that focuses on a world of superheroes and villains battling for supremacy, and so it's no surprise to see that it has garnered some big-name fans from the world of North American comic books. Recently, DC Comics' artist Jorge Jiminez, who has worked on the likes of Batman, Superman, and The Super Sons, shared his latest take on Midoriya and Lemillion from Kohei Horikoshi's epic series with a brand new publication for My Hero Academia that shows how the worlds of comic books and manga can collide in the best ways.

Lemillion was one of the biggest parts of the fourth season of My Hero Academia's anime, introduced as a student of Sir Nighteye and holding a Quirk that allows him to become intangible. Though on its surface, the Quirk might seem as powerful as many of the other powers that we've seen in the past, Mirio was able to train to such a degree that he was able to transform into one of the most powerful students in the halls of UA Academy and nearly defeated the gangster supervillain known as Overhaul. Unfortunately, Lemillion's career was wrapped short due to one of Overhaul's secret weapons.

DC Comic Artist Jorge Jiminez shared this official My Hero Academia cover that gives us a unique new take on Deku and Mirio jumping into action, blending the comic book worlds of the West and the East in this action-packed new artwork:

Currently, My Hero Academia is in the midst of the fifth season of its anime with a war between heroes via its Joint Training Exercise Arc, which sees Class 1-A battling against their rivals in Class 1-B. Surprisingly enough, this comic work isn't the first time that we've seen an official crossover between these two comic worlds as the manga as Deadpool: Samurai saw the Merc With A Mouth teaming up with the former symbol of peace known as All Might.

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