My Hero Academia Doubles Down on All Might's Victory Over Thanos

There will always be debates about the power levels of anime characters versus some of their "cousins" in the world of North American comics, with the eternal debate of who would win in a fight between Goku and Superman being one of the most prominent, and it seems as if My Hero Academia's All Might has proved himself to be more powerful than the Mad Titan. In the latest pages of Deadpool: Samurai, Marvel's big foray into the world of Shonen manga, we witness the Symbol of Peace helping out the "Merc With A Mouth" big time.

In the latest chapter of Deadpool: Samurai, All Might is able to deliver a "United States of Smash" that brought down Thanos, surprising Wade Wilson with the insane power at the mentor to Midoriya's disposal. Though the Mad Titan wasn't wielding the power of the Infinity Gauntlet in this latest manga installment, Thanos is still a powerhouse that has strength levels that put him on an even keel with the Incredible Hulk. Deadpool spent more than a few times referencing the world of UA Academy in his latest manga story, but seeing the Merc With A Mouth side by side with All Might was definitely not something that many fans were expecting.

Twitter User Aitai Ki Mochi shared a new translation of the latest installment of Deadpool: Samurai, which sees All Might being able to single handily take down the Mad Titan that eradicated half of existence after using the power of the Infinity Gauntlet:

All Might is definitely the biggest anime character to appear in the pages of Deadpool: Samurai, but the series now has precedent to introduce new anime characters into the mix thanks to Wade Wilson's ability to break the fourth wall. We look forward to seeing if this Marvel Manga can bring more anime crossovers that see the Merc with a Mouth interacting with other big players in the world of Shonen.


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