My Hero Academia Sheds Light on Doctor Garaki's Origin Story

My Hero Academia introduced its madman doctor long before fans knew his whole shtick, and those same fans have just learned all about the man's backstory. In the most recent chapter of the manga, Doctor Garaki was put on display as Present Mic rushed to arrest the man in this crumbling lab. It was there netizens found out how the doctor became so crazed, and it spawned from cycles of disregard and irrational obsession.

The origin story was told by Garaki himself as the doctor was being escorted outside of his lab. With Shigaraki left behind with a newcomer hero, Present Mic was all ears when his opponent began speaking, and the Pro Hero didn't like what he heard. After all, Garaki admitted he wanted Eraserhead's quirk even to this day, and that is not even the worst of it.

"Seventy years ago, the world rocked me and my theory. My Paranormal Singularity Theory, they said it was irrational nonsense based on weak evidence. Everyone ignored me. In those days, when the world was struggling to end the turmoil and reclaim peace, nobody wanted to hear about another collapse in the far-off future," the doctor shared.

My Hero Academia Doctor Chapter 259
(Photo: Shueisha)

Of course, Present Mic was disturbed as he knows that theory is now one of the most extreme ones floating around cults nowadays. It turns out that Garaki was its purveyor all those years ago, and All For One nurtured it with his clout. Not only is Garaki the reason that All For One is still alive despite his age, but the doctor is also pretty ancient himself. The quick-witted man is well into his 100s thanks to his age-reducing quirk, and Garaki was happy to share it with All For One after the maniac showed interest in his theory. And thanks to the villain's charitable donations, Doctor Garaki has become one of the most twisted men to experiment on humans in Pro Hero society.

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