My Hero Academia Explains How All For One Is Able to Share Quirks

My Hero Academia is neck deep in the action packed story arc of the Paranormal Liberation War that has the heroes of UA Academy taking on the insane forces of Shigaraki and the other villains of the world, and the latest chapter of the manga has revealed how All For One, Shigaraki's mentor in evil, managed to share quirks among his followers. The Paranormal Liberation Front has been insanely powerful in the sheer amount of different factions that the villainous collective has displayed in the latest chapters and this most recent story shows how much more gas they have in the tank!

Warning! If you have yet to read Chapter 270 of My Hero Academia's manga, steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into some heavy spoiler territory for the Paranormal Liberation War!

All For One has been the villainous dark reflection to All Might since the start of the franchise, wielding a number of different quirks that he was able to steal thanks in part to his own power. With Dr. Garaki being taken captive by Present Mic in this latest installment, the mad scientist reveals that All For One has been using the doctor's assistance in order to create copies of his quirk and distribute them to others.

Garaki's Quirk, as revealed by the man himself, allowed the scientist to extend his life span, which was eventually given over to All For One, who in turn gave the doctor it back via a cloning method. It's a win win situation for the villain as he is able to steal quirks for himself while simultaneously giving them to his underlings with duplicates of them. The big bombshell of the revelation is that Garaki explains to Mic that All For One has given away his own Quirk to his successor, Shigaraki, while holding onto a cloned version for himself!


With Shigaraki breathing once again and proving to be alive, he has become the new wielder of the All For One Quirk, making him a true dark reflection of Midoriya and the relationship that he had with his mentor in the villainous antagonist. As Shigaraki is now the true wielder of All For One, the heroes are certainly in a far worse place than they were before!

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