My Hero Academia Preview Focuses On Twice And The "Sad Man's Parade"

My Hero Academia's latest arc might have just started, but it is already putting the members of [...]

My Hero Academia's latest arc might have just started, but it is already putting the members of the League of Villains through the wringer as they battle against the insane forces of the Meta Liberation Army. While the lion's share of the latest episode focused on Toga, her backstory, and her attempt to combat a number of members of the MLA, the next episode will seemingly take a look at Twice, the fan-favorite character who has the ability to create doubles of himself, objects, and even other living beings, but comes at a terrible price to his sanity.

As a refresher, Twice's origin revolved around the member of the League creating a number of doubles of himself in order to combat loneliness, long before he decided to become a villain himself. Unfortunately for Twice, the doubles began arguing over which of the copies was the real deal, with all of them fighting one another in a bid to determine which of the clones was in fact the original. With Twice, who may or may not be the original version of the character, tied to a chair, he witnessed his doubles killing one another and ultimately placing him into a mindset that has him terrified to take off his costume and suffering from some serious split personality disorder.

Twitter User Atsushi 101X shared the preview for My Hero Academia's 110th episode, which will see not only Twice featured, but the other members of the League as each has their hands full with a unique threat spawned from the Meta Liberation Army and its insane number of followers:

So what is the "Sad Man's Parade"? Well without diving too deep into spoiler territory for anime viewers, it's a move of Twice's that is unlike anything we've seen before. While on the surface, Twice might seem like one of the weaker members of the League when compared to Shigaraki's decay or Dabi's white-hot flames, he's about to get something of an upgrade.

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