My Hero Academia Reveals Toga's Disturbing Origin

My Hero Academia has begun the war between the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army in [...]

My Hero Academia has begun the war between the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army in the latest episode of the anime, taking the opportunity to show just how deadly the villain war is, while also diving into the past of the blood guzzling psychopath known as Toga. With her twisted smile, Toga battles against the reporter of the MLA known as Curious, who has the ability to create tiny explosions using both objects and her own forces when it comes to not only taking down the League but also scoring the perfect interview.

As we witness, Toga encountered a dead bird while she was a toddler, which started her obsession with blood as she happily guzzled the bird's essence. With her parents discovering her twisted obsession, Toga decided to "wear a mask," and hide her love of plasma while attending school and interacting with her classmates. Unfortunately for both her and the world, Toga decides to let her mask break away and creates a new problem for her family as she does something terrible to one of her classmates, proving that her path as a villain was assured as she decided to let her mask drop once and for all.

My Hero Academia
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Ironically enough, Toga's classmate was a young boy who bore a striking resemblance to Deku, linking her early days to her current crush that she has on the powerful hero in UA Academy's Class 1-A. With Toga stabbing her fellow student, she happily slurps away at his blood with a straw, causing her to be called out by both her school and family alike. The young villain eventually found her way to the League of Villains as she decided to revel in her true self and throw in her lot with Shigaraki and his crew in order to create a world where no one could tell her what to do.

As the episode further explores Toga's twisted origin, the bloodsucker also is able to discover a brand new power, which allows her to use the Quirk of the victim that she took blood from. Using the power of Uravity, Toga kills a number of the Meta Liberation Army by floating them into the air and dropping them horrifically to the ground.

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