My Hero Academia's Creator Celebrates Toga With New My Villain Academia Sketch

Kohei Horikoshi took a big risk in telling an arc that completely left the story of the heroes of [...]

Kohei Horikoshi took a big risk in telling an arc that completely left the story of the heroes of UA Academy behind, instead focusing on a villain war that takes place between the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army, but My Hero Academia fans are ecstatic when it comes to the adaptation of the My Villain Academia Arc. With the latest episode focusing on Toga, her battle against the MLA, and the twisted origin that set her on a path to becoming one of the biggest members of the League, Horikoshi celebrated with a new sketch of the twisted character.

As we learn in the latest episode of the anime adaptation's fifth season, Toga hid her original feelings and obsession with blood behind a mask in order to make her family and classmates feel normal around her. With the blood-sucking villain unable to hide behind her mask forever, she disappears from her school following a gruesome incident wherein Toga drinks the blood of a fellow classmate that she attacked. Joining the League of Villains, Toga is looking to live in a world where no one can look down on her true self and be free to murder whoever she wants based on the overall power of her Quirk.

Kohei Horikoshi shared the brand new sketch of Toga from My Hero Academia via his Official Twitter Account, showing the current version, as well as the younger version, of the fan-favorite antagonist who currently has a crush on both Deku and Uravity:

My Villain Academia has been one of the most anticipated arcs of My Hero Academia's history, with the latest episode proving why as it manages to balance some tragic backstories with insane action during the current villain war. While Toga is able to eradicate a number of the obstacles that are in her way, Shigaraki is also able to murder several members of the MLA with powers that are seemingly new to the leader of the League. As Spinner notes, it seems that Shigaraki can spread his decay to targets without touching them, proving that this villain battle is unlocking new powers of the fan-favorite villains.

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