Toonami to Re-Air My Hero Academia Episodes Due to COVID-19 Outbreak

My Hero Academia is willing to go beyond in most cases, and the anime has done so with its dubbing during the pandemic. As Funimation records episodes from its cast members' homes, there were bound to be some delays in production, and that has caused a ripple effect for Toonami. After all, the late-night program has come forward to inform fans that it will have to re-air episodes of My Hero Academia season four to make up for a few production snags.

The update came from Toonami News on Twitter which let fans know about the delay. The site confirmed My Hero Academia will re-air episodes 84-86 on the Saturday block for the next three weeks. The show is slated to air at its normal time for now. And when asked for explanation, Toonami News said the impact of COVID-19 on production has caused significant delays.

This is not the first time such a delay has hit My Hero Academia's dub. Earlier this year, Toonami had to adjust for the anime with a one-week delay. Season four returned to TV as expected the following week, so it seems this production gap is more significant than others to date. But if this new delay is made in the name of safety and quality, fans are all too happy to oblige.

After the news was announced, fans were rightfully confused so Toonami executive Jason DeMarco took Twitter to ask for grace. It goes without saying that these days are unprecedented for our modern age, and Toonami is doing its best to bring new dubbed content to its schedule every single week.

"Sorry folks. We are doing the best we can in these strange times. We ask for your patience over the next bit of time as we deal with these unprecedented challenges. We love you all," DeMarco shared.


Currently, it seems like Toonami is expected to unveil a new dubbed episode of My Hero Academia in a month's time. There is always the chance that release may be pushed back further, so if you cannot wait to see how the rest of season four plays out, you can always watched the subbed version on Funimation or Crunchyroll.

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