My Hero Academia Explains Dabi's Dark View of Pro Heroes

The Paranormal Liberation War is seeing some brutal fights going down as the heroes and villains of My Hero Academia clash, and during this latest story arc, we also get a better look into the thoughts of some of our favorite characters, with the mysterious Dabi revealing his disturbing thoughts on heroes! Following his fight with Hawks and a major casualty within the franchise, Dabi finds himself facing off against a certain student within UA Academy and begins letting his thoughts known about how he views the world of professional heroes and ultimately, why he is on the side of villainy!

Warning! If you haven't read Chapter 271 of My Hero Academia's manga, you may want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into deep spoiler territory for the latest bloody story arc of the series!

Following Hawks' surprise move of stabbing Twice in the back, it seems as if the popular villain has been killed as a part of the Paranormal Liberation War, which has seemingly confirmed Dabi's way of thinking when it comes to heroes in general. With Dabi unleashing his flames against the current number two hero and burning away his wings in the process, the young student of UA Academy with his Quirk of Dark Shadow, Tokoyami, is looking to save his mentor Hawks. Right as he arrives, the enigmatic villain begins launching into a speech about how "heroes have more blood on their hands" than the villains that they fight.

Dabi is giving this speech to not only share his thoughts on the world, but to also give himself time to allow his quirk to rejuvenate the flames he fires out regularly. Dabi's weakness is that once he uses his quirk enough, he needs time to once again use it to its full extent. Luckily, Tokoyami is able to save Hawks from Dabi and his wrath, having to now mull over the idea that the heroes are worse than the villains they may fight.


At the end of the day, Dabi's claim is somewhat ridiculous as the villains have a far higher body count than the heroes they despise. The Paranormal Liberation Front is looking to give its members the "freedom" to take over the world and use their powers however they see fit, which includes murder and mayhem!

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