My Hero Academia Heroes Rising Certified Fresh On Rotten Tomatoes

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising has already pulled in over ten million dollars at the box office for theaters in North America, and now, the second film of the popular anime franchise has just hit another milestone with being certified "fresh" on the website, Rotten Tomatoes. The site, which accumulates reviews from top reviewers as well as general audiences scores, currently has the movie sitting at 89% for reviewers and a staggering 98% among general audiences! With the movie continuing to be a hit across many different criteria, it's clear that the franchise can make as many movies as they want moving forward!

The film follows a brand new adventure for Midoriya, Bakugo, and the rest of the Class 1-A as they are given the task of protecting a private island and its citizens as a part of their UA Academy education. Unbeknown to them however, the villainous Nine, who touts himself as the heir apparent to series villian All For One, is storming the island alongside his henchmen in order to gain a power that will allow him to change the world to his desires. With the film already more successful at the box office over the previous film, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, it's clear that the story has resonated with both audiences and critics alike around the world!

Funimation shared the news regarding My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising via their Official Twitter Account, sharing the critic and audience scores for the film, as the movie continues its theatrical run with both an English Dubbed and subbed version available for fans of the franchise to view:

The film itself, for those who haven't seen it as of yet, does go into some mild spoiler territory for the anime series itself, with the events of Heroes Rising taking place after the conclusion of Season Four. While we aren't sure whether these events will be referenced in the anime proper, Nine did appear briefly in the manga for a quick cameo.


The events of the film were originally designed to be a series finale, and you can definitely see that in the run time as each student of Class 1-A is given their own opportunity to shine alongside their dazzling quirks!

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