My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Cast Didn't Know Its Story Was the Series' Original Finale

With My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising scoring some big bucks in theaters in North America and across the world, we had the opportunity to sit down with a number of voice actors responsible for bringing these characters to life to tell them an important message: the movie was originally planned as a series finale. As we spoke with Kyle Phillips, Luci Christian, and David Matranga, who perform the voices for UA Academy students Kaminari, Ochaco, and Todoroki respectively, we learned that this news was a surprise to them as they processed the information that this story may have been Class 1-A's last!

Kyle Phillips informed us that he "didn't know until right now", proving that the potential series finale was a shocking surprise to our shocking voice actor of the electric hero of Kaminari!

Luci Christian, the voice of Ochaco, had this to say about the story line that might have been thought of as the end of the franchise: "That is a surprise to me. I didn't know that information, but it's not surprising now that I've... I mean, when you watch the movie, one of the really wonderful things about it is so many of us get a chance to shine. You really get to see a lot of growth and ability from so many of the class of 1-A and just her confidence level and just the increase in what we're able to do as heroes. So it kind of makes sense to me that that's true. I'm glad that it's not the end of the road. I'm glad that the popularity of the show and the desire for people to see more is meaning that we get to go even further. I can totally see that."

Finally, David Matranga who brings the fire ice hero of Shoto Todoroki to life, had this to say about the finale: "It does make sense that you would want the culmination to be class 1-A doing what they do best, and being a team, and working together when you think about where they started. It makes sense that the animation, the bottles would be amazing. Like Luci said, I'm glad that this is just a film and we're going to keep going."


Luckily for fans of the franchise, the series isn't going anywhere any time soon, so the adventures of Midoriya and his friends will hopefully continue for years to come!

What do you think of the actors' reactions to learning about the second film of the franchise originally being billed as the series finale? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and UA Academy!

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