New My Hero Academia Short Story Explains What Happened After 'Heroes Rising'

The second feature length film of the My Hero Academia franchise, Heroes Rising, gave us one of the toughest battles in the careers of the students of Class 1-A, squaring them off against the "heir apparent" to All For One in Nine, and a new short story shows us exactly what happens after the credits roll. With the movie focusing on Midoriya and Bakugo teaming up, in more ways than one, the in continuity film acted as something of a stepping stone to what the villain Shigaraki would be in the latest story line of the manga.

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising came out in Japan late last year, followed by a North America release into theaters earlier this year in February, with the second movie in the franchise taking in quite a bit of money on the silver screen across the world. Giving fans the opportunity to watch almost every member of Class 1-A getting the opportunity to shine as they used their Quirks in cooperation with one another to battle Nine and his henchmen looking to add a new power to their ranks. The short story, titled My Hero Academia Heroes Rising: A Dream That Becomes A Reality, follows the aftermath of the island battle as Midoriya and Bakugo hanging out with the kids that they saved.

Twitter User AitaiKiMochi shared a synopsis of the "picture drama" that runs for around nine minutes, showing us the aftermath of My Hero Academia's second feature length film, giving us a nice conclusion to the story of the kids who had been threatened by Nine for the majority of the movie's running time:

A third film has yet to be confirmed for the popular anime franchise, but it's been noted in the past that the studio behind the series is hoping to make several more movies down the line that follow the journeys of the students at UA Academy!

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