My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Releases Blu-ray, DVD Details

My Hero Academia's second feature length film, Heroes Rising, had a theatrical run which followed [...]

My Hero Academia's second feature length film, Heroes Rising, had a theatrical run which followed the heroes of Class 1-A at UA Academy as they attempted to stop the "heir apparent" to All For One, and now, the film has released details about the upcoming home video release. Though we have yet to get an official release date for the film in North America, the film will be released in July of this year in Japan and usually, the western release won't be too far behind when it comes to anime releases of the past!

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising was a worthwhile addition to the anime franchise created by Kohei Horikoshi, exploring not only a brand new challenge for Class 1-A to take on with the new villain Nine, but also further explored the relationship between Midoriya and his "frenemy" in Bakugo. The two young heroes have competed against one another in the past and this second film of the franchise goes a long way in terms of not only burying the hatchet, but giving each hero a much better understanding of one another. Nine himself also gave us a look into what Shigaraki's future was, as the young villain with power over decay has become the TRUE heir to All For One in the manga.

Twitter User WSJ_Manga shared the details that My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising home video release on both Blu-Ray and DVD will hit Japan on July 15th of this year, as well as a number of different items that will be included in a special edition of the upcoming feature length film:

The movie from My Hero Academia was a blockbuster in both the East and the West, released earlier this year into theaters, with both dubbed and subbed versions in North America. While a third film has yet to be confirmed, the creator has gone on record that the franchise will still have many more feature length films that will be released in the future.

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