My Hero Academia Explains the Best Strategy to Beat Dabi

My Hero Academia is back with another chapter, and the update is one fans will not want to forget. The big update followed Tokoyami as the U.A. student stepped in to save Hawks from certain death. Of course, that means the boy is left to deal with Dabi who is on a warpath, but chapter 271 did not quit before giving fans an impressive plan on beating the fiery baddie.

For those of you who are caught up with the new My Hero Academia chapter, you will have seen this plan firsthand. It all goes down after Tokoyami and Dabi have their first spat. The student is unsure how to escape the situation so he asks a barely conscious Hawks what to do. That is when the Pro Hero shared his top strategy, and it reveals why Dabi tends to monologue like he does.

"He got too busy chatting to kill me properly. And now it's happening again. It's not because he has that much leeway. He's trying to rattle us to buy time for himself since his flames have become weaker," Hawks thinks to himself before giving Tokoyami his cue.

My Hero Academia Dabi Thoughts On Heroes
(Photo: Viz Media)

"He'll keep talking. Go. Now."

As you can see, Hawks has discovered some important information about Dabi's recharge time. His flames are so hot they turn blue, but that means Dabi has to recover between bouts of blasts. If he doesn't, Dabi is sure to get new burn injuries, and his flames will grow weaker with each blast.


For Tokoyami, his Quirk is at a severe disadvantage to Dabi given the man's flames. Light and heat do not sit well with Dark Shadow, so there is only one thing this boy can do. When Hawks tells Tokoyami to ruin, he means it, and the pair are able to escape before being met with a final attack by Dabi. A Pro Hero would be bettered suited to deal with an ambush like this without some deus ex machine saving them. So when it comes time for Endeavor to fight fire with fire against Dabi, he better keep this all in mind.

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