My Hero Academia Reveals the Doctor's Reaction to Shigaraki's Transformation

The Paranormal Liberation War has shown off some of the deadliest battles of My Hero Academia to date, already throwing a number of casualties to both heroes and villains alike, and with Shigaraki having gained the power of All For One, the mad scientist responsible in Dr. Garaki basks in the "glory" of his creation. With the nefarious genius being one of the greatest tools in the roster of the League of Villains, Garaki had been working to not only transfer the all powerful Quirk to Shigaraki, but also create a number of High End Nomu that have been tormenting the heroes as of late.

Warning! If you have yet to read the latest chapter of My Hero Academia's manga, Chapter 283, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into spoiler territory!

Dr. Garaki was able to do the impossible, transferring the Quirk of All For One from the villain of the same name to his heir in Shigaraki. This chapter, revealing Garaki's thrill at his completed experiment and the new powers that Shigaraki is putting to "good" use, didn't just show us this jubilant side of the mad doctor, but also gave us some startling information about the leader of the Paranormal Liberation Front's new abilities. As it turns out, the efforts of the heroes in attempting to stop Shigaraki's awakening wasn't in vein, with Mirko managing to stop the transfer of All For One to only 75% completion.

My Hero Academia Dr Garaki Shigaraki Manga
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With his metamorphosis not being complete, Shigaraki's body apparently is having a tough time holding the full power of All For One as he is suffering from wounds that are spreading across his body. Luckily for the young super villain, his "healing factor" that was given to him as a part of the total package of All For One has kicked in and healed the wounds that were ravaging his frame.


As the heroes have been struggling against Shigaraki, Midoriya has unleashed the most as his rage has overtaken his psyche following the apparent death of Gran Torino. Finally accessing the power of Nana Shimura, Deku can now "float" above Shigaraki and is apparently readying to deliver what might be the final blow that could bring about an end to this conflict. Even if the new All For One is defeated, there's still the issue of Gigantomachia, High End Nomu, and thousands of super villains.

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