My Hero Academia Reveals THAT Fallen Hero Is Still Alive

My Hero Academia's "Paranormal Liberation War" arc has been been an epic and bloody affair, as the initial "Raid Arc" has seen both the hero and villain sides of the conflict suffer major casualties. However, in My Hero Academia manga chapter 283, fans actually get a bit of good news, as one of the major warriors who seemingly died on the battlefield acutally turns out to still be alive! Of course, as we're also finding out in My Hero Academia's Raid Arc, "alive" doesn't necessarily mean "okay." Shoto Aizawa has been crippled, and several other pro heroes (Hawks, Mirko) might be looking at the end of their careers...

Warning: My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 283 SPOILERS Follow!

My Hero Academia fans got a major gut-punch when Tomura Shigaraki seemingly used his new super-strength to smash the elderly Gran Torino into the ground. The moment was pretty horrific, as Shigaraki slammed Gran Torino so hard that blood could be seen exploding out of the old man's body. When Izuku Midoriya saw his old mentor go down, the grief/rage sparked some new levels of One For All power in the boy.

In My Hero Academia chapter 283, Izuku manages to harness his upgraded One For All powers and control, in order to take on Shigaraki. However, with Shoto Aizawa taken out of commission, his eraser quirk is also taken out, which allows Shigaraki the full range of his new disintegration and All For One powers.

With his powers back online, Shigaraki wastes no time trying to eradicate Deku and the pro hero squad standing against him. All Shigaraki needs is one touch to the ground to have his boosted disintegration effect do the job. However, just when death seems certain, Izuku makes another leap forward with his One For All powers. Midoriya and is able to fully harness the Blackwhip powers of One For All's fifth user, Daigoro Banjo, and for the first time he also manages to access the "float" power of Nana Shimura, One For All's seventh user, and All Might's mentor.

My Hero Academia Manga 283 Gran Torino Alive Not Dead
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

This moment in Deku and Shigaraki's showdown is significant on several levels. Obviously, fans are loving seeking Deku's use of One For All evolving so rapidly to counter Shigaraki's powers. However, Deku saving himself and his comrades using Nan Shimura's powers is profound, in that she was Shigaraki's grandmother. Based on what we know about One For All, it's arguably Nana Shimura's spirit that actively works to stop her grandson's murderous intention.


Grand Torino seems to recognize that fact, as a panel of the manga reveals that he is still alive, and among the fighters that Deku saves. Like so many other deep cuts of mythos in My Hero Academia, it's a full-circle turn that is rewarding to hardcore fans, and we're glad Gran Torino is still around to see it!

My Hero Academia is in production on season 5 of the anime. Online chapters of the manga can be found HERE.