My Hero Academia Explains Why Bakugo Is Helping Izuku These Days

My Hero Academia has been very busy as of late with Shigaraki as the villain has taken his reign to a new level. The manga has painstakingly followed him this arc as the baddie has leveled a city, killed what must be thousands, and thrown the country into chaos. The only thing standing in his way at the moment is Izuku, and as Bakugo keeps an eye on his friend in battle, an update informed fans about how the boy feels about the green-haired hero.

The update came in chapter 284 courtesy of a flashback. Fans were taken back in time to when Izuku's Blackwhip power first manifested and training was needed on it ASAP. It turns out Bakugo spent a lot of time helping Izuku with the power, and things get tense between him and All Might when secrets about One For All are mentioned.

"I'm worried for him. You are too. He just... deep down, he doesn't take himself into account, you know," All Might says before carrying on.

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"But now you're sincerely helping out with his training. That's your way of trying to atone, right?"

As for Bakugo, he is the first to admit something about Izuku's secret power that sits uneasily with him. "Something doesn't feel right. It makes me want to keep him at arm's length," the explosive boy admits.


This fear and worry came together to push Bakugo towards helping Izuku. However, there is more to it than that. Bakugo wants to help Izuku because he does care for his classmate. The childhood friends may have an ugly past in My Hero Academia, but there is no denying Bakugo's care for Izuku any longer. And with Shigaraki threatening to kill the boy, you can see why Bakugo is so determined to wrap this raid up ASAP.

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