My Hero Academia Sets Up a Major Mystery About a Previous One For All User

All For One and One For All are two of the most important quirks to ever exist in My Hero Academia. The two powers have the ability to change the world, and their users could not be more different. These days, a new person is rocking All For One while Izuku trains with One For All. But as it turns out, the manga just set up an intriguing mystery about one of the users who came before Izuku and All Might.

So you have been warned! There are spoilers below for chapter 284! Proceed with extreme caution:

For fans who checked out the new My Hero Academia chapter, they will have learned a bit of concerning info. The chapter follows All Might as the former hero levels with Bakugo about Izuku's training. The pair have started putting their all into helping Izuku master his powers now that he has started displaying the quirks of past One For All users. That led Bakugo to do research on the past users, and he has a bad feeling about the fourth inheritor.

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"Deku trusts you with his life, but in the notebook about the successors, your summary of the fourth was kinda half-finished. Only that one," Bakugo tells All Might.

"Meanwhile, you wrote down detailed notes for the others like the cause of death for the fifth, sixth, and seventh. Why is that?"


All Might is not willing to confess his reasoning, but the hero says he is not wanting to speculate because his theory is rather worrisome. That is also the conclusion Bakugo lands upon, so it is clear that the fate of the fourth user isn't a good one. There is a chance that whatever happened to the man was worse than death, and if Deku gets ahold of the fourth user's power, things could go wrong rather quickly.

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