My Hero Academia Reveals the Important Tie Binding Bakugo and Endeavor

My Hero Academia is all about being your best in life, but as we all know, there are people who do [...]

My Hero Academia is all about being your best in life, but as we all know, there are people who do not want to abide by heroic standards. Sure, you will always have bad guys, but things hit a grey area when bullies are brought in. That is why characters like Bakugo and Endeavor have frustrated fans for so long. And thanks to a new update, All Might has given them the exact reason why Bakugo and Endeavor's tie is so important.

The revelation came in the most recent chapter of My Hero Academia. All Might and Bakugo have a nice heart-to-heart in a big flashback, and it is there fans learn more about the latter's change of heart. It turns out Bakugo is really trying to atone for all the sins he committed against Izuku. Of course, this parallels with the work Endeavor is going for his family, and All Might makes sure to point out how important that change is to his student.

"You're sincerely helping out with his training. That's your way of trying to atone, right," All Might asks.

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"When I said you and Endeavor are a lot alike, I was talking about that change. He couldn't take a good look at himself either until I wound up like this.

Of course, fans will know that much is true. Endeavor was an abusive father and husband for much of his life. It has been only recently Endeavor realized that, and he is trying to make amends for his many transgressions... even if that means giving his family the distance they need.

As for Bakugo, he has not gotten to that point. He is helping Izuku train in earnest, and the boy can even admit nowadays he bullied the boy because he didn't want to see his own weaknesses. There is still a long way for both of these heroes to go in reforming themselves. But as far as redemption arcs go, these two have a good prognosis given the League of Villains doesn't - well - kill either of them.

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