My Hero Academia Reveals Which Villains Were Captured in the War

The price of war is hard to quantify, but My Hero Academia is doing its best to show what happens when villains and heroes reach an impasse. Recently, the manga finished its latest arc that pit the villain's liberation army against the heroes in a violent fashion. What once began as a raid turned into a full-scale war skirmish, and it seems a good many villains were captured during the ordeal.

If you are caught up with the manga, you will know know how the aftermath was presented. There are dozens of pro heroes dead in light of the war with hundreds if not thousands of civilians killed or injured. The scene left for Class 1-A to witness was impossibly tough to take in, and the only silver lining is that thousands of villains were arrested during this fight.

My Hero Academia Gigantomachia Destruction
(Photo: Studio Bones)

According to chapter 296, four of the High-End Nomu were taken into custody while several others were defeated. As for the army itself, Geten and Redestro were captured by the heroes alongside Trumpet. They were joined by Mr. Compress and Gigantomachia as the League of Villains assets were defeated. At the battlefield, a total fo 16,929 people were taken into custody, but that is not all.

My Hero Academia confirmed the army's bases around the country were infiltrated at the same time as the war. This led to further arrests though no total number was given. It was also shown that sympathizers were arrested including pro heroes whoo acted as moles for the army.


As you can see, this war came with plenty of prisoners, but there are many who escaped. 132 soldiers managed to flee unnoticed during the ordeal. Shigaraki made it out of the fight alongside Dabi, Spinner, and Toga. When paired with the surviving Nomu, these rogue villains are as dangerous as ever, and it seems All For One knows his next target already.

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