My Hero Academia Illustrates the Horrifying Cost of War

When it comes to My Hero Academia, fans know things tends to get worse before they get better. The series has put its heroes in a dark place with the most recent manga arc, and they are learning what the aftermath of war is like. After all, the Army Liberation War arc has ended, and the series has not backed away from its depiction of war.

If you have checked out chapter 296, then you will have seen this aftermath for yourself. Of course, fans have seen a lot of this damage before as the manga detailed it for week this year. However, this new My Hero Academia chapter shows the consequences of war for all it is worth, and fans are shown how deadly the raid has been.

My Hero Academia Ending Creator
(Photo: Studio Bones)

As you can see towards the beginning of the chapter, a slew of heroes and villains have been injured during this event. It says more than 16,000 baddies were captured though the leaders got away. As for the heroes, a great many were injured and suffered critical hits such as amputations. But when it comes to civilian damage, the totals are insane to see.

My Hero Academia shows one of the ruined cities which Gigantomachia tore through, and it is not good. The human loss of life is unfathomable as it seems many were crushed by debris. While Koda and others are mounting major rescue attempts, there are plenty of dead who were not able to be saved in time. Society will never be the same after this clash, and it seems the villains are planning even more skirmishes moving forward.


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