My Hero Academia Reveals What Toya Wanted the Most From Endeavor

The latest chapter of My Hero Academia's manga focused on a tragic flashback that broke down how [...]

The latest chapter of My Hero Academia's manga focused on a tragic flashback that broke down how Endeavor started his family with his wife Rei and the devastating effects that his desire to beat All Might as the number one hero had on his children, with Toya specifically essentially being driven mad as a result. Eventually becoming the villain Dabi, one of the strongest members of the League of Villains, Toya revealed what he wanted more from his father than anything else, which certainly broke the hearts of more than a few readers when it came to Kohei Horikoshi's Shonen franchise.

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of My Hero Academia's manga, Chapter 301, you might want to steer clear as we'll be diving into spoiler territory for Endeavor and the rest of his family.

Endeavor attempted to train his eldest son, Toya, in the world of being a crime fighter, but as the professional crime fighter learned that his offspring hadn't inherited the ice powers that Rei had, the future number one hero decided to steer Toya away from following in his footsteps. As Toya notes in this latest installment, he wants to surpass All Might as the number one hero, achieving the goal that Endeavor had yet to in his career as a professional crime fighter.

My Hero Endeavor Toya
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In a tragic note, Toya also notes that he simply wants his father to "see him", with the future Dabi not taking it well that his father was looking to steer him away from the life of being a hero. In the final panels of the chapter, we see Toya attempt to kill his own brother, Shoto, who as we know was able to inherit both mastery of fire and ice from his parents.

Originally, Endeavor and Rei thought that their eldest son Toya had died, but with Dabi revealing his true identity in the final chapters of the War Arc, the public now knows Endeavor's darkest secret and has serious ramifications not only on the number one hero, but on the hero community as a whole. The world of heroes has taken some heavy blows thanks to the War Arc, and it seems like the public's confidence in them might never be the same.

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