My Hero Academia Explains Dabi's Quirk in Full for the First Time

From the start, fans of My Hero Academia knew Dabi was someone to keep tabs on. The fiery villain [...]

From the start, fans of My Hero Academia knew Dabi was someone to keep tabs on. The fiery villain had a goal in mind, and while netizens did not know what it was, they did know Dabi would go to insane lengths to make it happen. Now, we have learned all about the boy and his vendetta against Endeavor. It turns out Dabi's past with the pro hero is something of a horror story, and a recent flashback went so far as to detail the villain's exact quirk at last.

The whole thing went down at the start of chapter 301. My Hero Academia's new chapter was dedicated to the Todoroki family and its troubled past. Once Rei appeared before her estranged husband, fans were given a lesson on how their son Toya turned into Dabi. As it turns out, Endeavor placed too many expectations on Dabi, and the fire he lit couldn't be extinguished even when Toya's quirk sputtered out.

My Hero Academai Dabi
(Photo: Studio Bones)

The pair noticed as a kid Toya would be injured by his fire, but the question remained as to why. The boy's parents got answers from a doctor, and it was there fans got a full detail of Dabi's quirk.

"An unusual case, to be sure. Your son has inherited an even more powerful form of the fire-based quirk factor, but he takes after his mother physically. Meaning, he's not built to endure fire, but rather, to withstand freezing temperatures," the couple learned.

Now, fans know why exactly Dabi cannot stomach his blue flames. The fire is so hot that it combats his body. Endeavor's body can withstand heat, but Dabi inherited his mom's ability to withstand the cold. Obviously, this means fire is not safe for the boy, but Endeavor had already ladened Toya with his dreams. As time went on, the boy became obsessed with fulfilling his promise, and Endeavor's refusal to help Toya is what led him to become the Dabi we all know today.

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