My Hero Academia Sets Up a Major Pro Alliance

My Hero Academia has put its stars through the wringer as of late, and the heroes we've grown to love have yet to pushback against their current fates. After Shigaraki underwent an ultimate power-up, fans were stunned as the villains killed hundreds if not thousands in their bid to shake hero society. It seems their goal was reached as faith in pro heroes is wavering, but a new alliance has been formed that may help ease the unrest.

The latest update from My Hero Academia made the revelation with chapter 303. The big chapter gave fans an update on Endeavor as he and his family continue their talk about Dabi. The clan is determined to stop their estranged member no matter what, and it seems they will get help from two top pros.

endeavor my hero academia
(Photo: Bones Inc)

Hawks and Best Jeanist are the first to offer their support after the pair admit to overhearing the emotional Todoroki meeting. It is Hawks who says he want form a three-way alliance with the top heroes in Japan. Best Jeanist is fully on board with the plan, and he says he has been working with Hawks for some time now.

"I've put my life in Hawks' hands from the start, and I'm accustomed to walking down hellish catwalks such as this," the stylish hero admits.


Endeavor agrees to the terms in tears as he and his family will have help reigning in Dabi. Of course, the partnership has other motives backing it. Hero society is in shambles, so the public needs a tight front that is willing to push back agains the villains. This alliance will also help rehabilitate Endeavor's image as it has taken a nosedive thanks to Dabi's damning PSA. There is still a ways to go before society is stable once more, but this partnership is a step in the right direction. So luckily, it seems Endeavor is feeling good about the terms.

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