My Hero Academia Reveals Gran Torino's Ominous Advice to Izuku

My Hero Academia hasn't simply picked up the pieces from the giant brawl known as the "War Arc", but also has given Midoriya and his friends a time skip that sees them in very different spots in their lives, as Izuku's mentor, Gran Torino, gives him some chilling advice for the future. As we saw during the last major storyline, Gran Torino found himself nearly killed by the full power of All For One flowing through Shigaraki's veins, and while he did survive the encounter, he definitely needs some serious recuperation time to get back to one hundred percent.

Warning. If you haven't dived into the latest chapter of My Hero Academia's manga, Chapter 309, you might want to turn back now to avoid spoilers.

The latest installment of the anime franchise created by Kohei Horikoshi witnesses Midoriya zipping around town, battling against numerous threats that are appearing around town, such as the terrifying Muscular. With numerous prison breaks unleashing All For One and a ton of other villains from the past, Deku is definitely going to have his work cut out for him as he keeps moving to save the lives of his friends and family. Chapter 309 doesn't just bring us to the present, it also takes the opportunity to show Izuku speaking with Gran Torino, being told advice that he might not want to hear.

My Hero Academia Gran Torino
(Photo: Shueisha & Bones)

Gran Torino has some startling advice for Izuku, wherein the elderly hero also apologizes that he wasn't able to kill Shigaraki, but informs Midoriya that eliminating the inheritor of All For One might be the only way to save him:

"I should've made the kill. Sorry. Don't be so rigid. Killing can be another way to save someone. Never forget that. Either way, you gotta settle the score with the League of Villains."


Gran Torino wasn't alone in his beliefs, as many of the Vestiges of One For All said the same thing to Deku, leading the young hero to ponder just what the best course of action is. With the final page hinting at a big team-up between Deku, All Might, Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist, it's clear that the heroes are attempting to pick up the pieces before the villains can launch their full counter-attack against society.

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