My Hero Academia Teases Izuku's "Big" Rematch on the Horizon

My Hero Academia is playing out an easy arc with season five right now, and we're sure Izuku misses those days in the manga. After all, the shonen series has been going nonstop for a year now with its most intense arcs yet. Not long ago, fans were left stunned when a new story arrived to test Izuku, and it seems he is heading for a rematch we're all dreading.

The whole secret was blown when My Hero Academia put out a new chapter. The update came at the start as chapter 309 checked in on Izuku following his battle with Muscular. The baddie was taken out easily by Izuku, so the boy met up with All Might for a check-in. And when he showed up, the older hero reminded Izuku to take things easy.

mha izuku

"No going overboard before the big rematch, got it," All Might notes.

The ominous reminder washes over Izuku easily, but there is more to mention. All Might stresses his student must not go too crazy even if something should happen to him. Given Izuku's protective nature, you can bet the hero would try to go all out if All Might's life was in danger. However, the support items keeping his strength in check cannot take that kind of stress. If those tools are going to make it to Izuku's rematch with Shigaraki, he is going to have to pace himself. And as we know, Izuku isn't great at doing that.


For now, Izuku is working to strengthen himself before Shigaraki can mount a rematch, so fans know the battle will be a wild one. Their first fight took the My Hero Academia fandom by storm, so the second might just blow everyone away. And strangely enough, I'm pretty sure that is the kind of reaction creator Kohei Horikoshi will be going for.

How do you think this big rematch will go down? Do you think Izuku stands a chance against Shigaraki? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.