My Hero Academia Reveals A Major New Hero Team-Up

My Hero Academia has revealed a brand-new hero alliance, which comes with a pretty lofty goal: end the threat of All For One, Tomura Shigaraki, and the League of Villains, once and for all. That reveal comes at the end of My Hero Academia manga chapter 309, which finally reveals what the real new status quo is after the time-skip that re-defined the series. We saw Izuku Midoriya's new range of power and abilities now that he's unlocked the full potential of One For All, but in "Can't Be A Child Anymore" we finally get an insight into what the top pro heroes intend to do about All For One and the League of Villains.

My Hero Academia Chapter 309 SPOILERS Follow!

Deku's battle with Muscular ends with him hitting the mad villain with a full-on smash attack. Muscular goes down and Deku snares him with his Black Whip quirk and hauls him off to jail. After the battle, Deku makes contact with his new handler (who happens to be his old handler), All Might.

It's through Izuku and All Might's conversation that we get the key fundamental details about where Midoriya is in his One For All development. Even though Izuku is tapped into the power better than before, and his body is stronger, he is still using some new compression support items that help his arms and legs withstand the increased output of OFA. The conversation is interrupted when we learn that there's another link in this hero chain. Hawks calls All Might specifically to check in on how Deku is doing. That's when we get the real story of what happened in the time-skip.

My Hero Academia 309 Spoilers New Hero Team Up

Izuku learns how close he came to having his body fall apart during the battle with Shigaraki during the War Arc. More than that though, Izuku is weighed down by the knowledge that One For All's connection to All For One means that everyone around him is in constant danger of being taken out by the villains. That's why Midoriya chooses to leave U.A. for good and strike out on his own - but the top three heroes (Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist) have a better strategy for that situation: use Deku as their best lead to tracking down the villains.

It's clear that My Hero Academia is setting the stage for the end game. The vast collection of heroes has been wittled down to it core players in the new alliance between the Top 3, Deku and All Might - while still leaving for supporting characters and the Class 1-A kids to play a part. But more than that, seeing this new hero team-up go to work on the villains is going to be pretty awesome.