My Hero Academia Completes Mario Easter Egg with Latest Cameo

My Hero Academia has done its best to seed clever easter eggs throughout its manga, and the series has succeeded more often than not thanks to its creator. Kohei Horikoshi is a renowned nerd who loves everything from Star Wars to Marvel and more. Of course, this is all reflected in his hit series, and fans are all geeking out over the most recent My Hero Academia nod.

The whole thing comes courtesy of the manga's most recent chapter. If you are caught up with My Hero Academia, you will know chapter 309 did a small flashback which explained how Izuku made a recovery from his fight with Shigaraki. It was there fans learned the boy didn't suffer any long-term damage from the fight, and he was told as much by... Dr. Mario.

Or maybe it is just Mario in disguise? Honestly, it is hard to tell. Either way, the cameo is brilliant on so many levels, and it completes a set of Nintendo easter eggs that fans have been eyeing.

If you did not notice, the past several chapters of My Hero Academia have been looked at extremely closely and for good reason. The fallout of the Raid arc was massive, and fans were left stunned by its dark aftermath. Dozens of heroes are dead while even more civilians are left to mourn their own losses. Of course, a slew of top heroes were very injured, and the hospital they were all taken to is staffed by Nintendo icons.


You may remember that Aizawa's doctor awhile back drew comparisons to Yoshi and even Club Penguin avatars when he appeared. This was only made worse when Endeavor was visited by his doctor who resembles a middle-aged Toad. Now, it seems Mario was tasked with taking care of Izuku, and the doctor did a solid job patching our boy up.

Did you notice the last piece of this Mario puzzle? Which of these cameos ranks as your favorite...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.