My Hero Academia Brings Back A Shocking Character

With the anime adaptation of My Hero Academia prepping to bring both the My Villain Academia Arc and the fifth season of the television series to a close, the manga threw readers a massive curveball with today's newest chapter by bringing back a major character from the Shonen's past. With the War Arc having come to a close in the published edition of the series and Deku attempting to hold together hero society, it seems that All Might has run into a character that had a major impact on the franchise.

Warning. If you don't want the latest chapter of My Hero Academia, Chapter 326, be forewarned that we will be diving into massive spoiler territory for the series.

Following the War Arc, Deku has recently won over the hearts and minds of many civilians that were seeking refuge from villain attacks within UA Academy, while All Might, in his depowered form is attempting to do what he can to offer assistance to the potential next Symbol of Peace. Coming across both Deku's mask as well as a statue of his powered-up form that has a sign reading, "I am not here,' wrapped around its neck, All Might runs into an unexpected enemy in Stain. Stain, the villain who premiered in the second season of My Hero Academia's anime, seeks to destroy hero society, believing that many of the crime fighters are simply in the lifestyle to become rich and famous but saw All Might as a hero that operated against the grain.

(Photo: Shueisha)

Toshinori encounters a crazed Stain, with the villain not believing Yagi to be All Might, but rather an imposter who could not live up to the ideals of the former Symbol of Peace. After the pair witness a woman saved by All Might cleaning the statue, Stain offers Toshinori information before leaving:

"A hero can only claim that tile as long as his soul burns fiercely in service of others. However, say a god has fallen, prostrate upon the Earth and his divine soul has turned feeble and mortal. If you are a true hero, make use of this information from my time in Tartarus, then come for the life of Stain, the man who murdered forty heroes. All for the sake of fixing society."


On the final page, we see All Might crying, perhaps realizing the impact that his heroics had on the world and the people he was able to save throughout his career.

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